Let's be honest...


We all gotta eat and so I engage in collaborations that seem fitting with my personal brand for which I may receive compensation. You'll see me post a disclaimer on that at the beginning of every post in which I do so. I'll give you the heads up. Brands (because some have), do not ask that I not do so. That is shady and also illegal, knock it off. 

Also, some stories may have links that allow you to shop my recommendations. Some of these links offer me a commission if you make a purchase, some do not. Usually smaller brands, local brands, or brands that just don't participate in what we call affiliates but I link to them anyway because why wouldn't I? If they are good, they are good right? 

However, unlike my last blog in which I only mentioned positive things about things I like, not giving you the realness, the pros and the cons, isn't how I work IRL. If I won't touch it, there is really no need to mention it, I'm not here to bash but if I feel NO ONE should touch it whether for ethical reasons or other, I'll let you know. I got you.