The Green Monster

Yesterday, I had my first television appearance in what has been forever. And the best part, I got to share my life as a mom and not just a “what to wear” moment but I got a lot of messages on social media about what I did wear.

I received the invitation to appear on The Jam, a local show here in Chicago and the first thing that crossed my mind was, what do I wear? I ran up and down in my closet, which did not take long as last year, I got rid of 85% of my fall clothes. There was a lot I no longer wore or that no longer fit. But over the summer, I found this Cynthia Rowley dress at the local Goodwill no less. I stared at how bright the color was. Knowing that my neutral loving behind might never wear it, I brought it home anyway. It was $4.99. I thought it was pretty but when I tried it on, it was a bit loose. It would make a nice sheath dress I told myself.

I went to Target to pick up a light grey fitted dress for this segment, a safe choice and a great back up but it was sold out. So I picked up a nice top and decided, I’d keep it simple. But when I got home, the simplicity bothered me. Maybe I wasn’t in the same space as I once was, I did after all promise myself I’d wear more color. I stared at the dress sitting in my closet. The ill-fitting, bright green monster stared back. What was I thinking buying it? My phone buzzed. It was the show’s producer letting me know that she emailed me the run down for the next day. And there it was in the wardrobe section, her recommendation on a brightly colored dress. I owned one. That one. I pulled it out for yet another ‘fitting’ and surprisingly, it was now a fitted, a very fitted dress. Did I get it altered? Did it shrink? No. Steak and potatoes happened. My chili happened. My insane need for sausage pizza with green peppers and onions happened. My…I’ll stop because I’m getting hungry. All that to say, the brightly colored dress fit, like a glove and it has been the best $4.99 I spent in awhile.