Stylishly Living: A Series

I have, in my no longer existent blog, discussed in breve the little updates I have done to my "forever" home. However, as we all know, not everything lasts forever and one of the downfalls of divorce is the very strong possibility you will no longer have said home. I've struggled with wanting to sell and move away from the memories to wanting to stay so my oldest wouldn't have to switch schools to quite possibly not being able to stay but I'll save you the details of the uglies on that part of life for now.

I have had dreams of a town home that needed no lawn maintenance, mainly because it is not something I can handle on my own and therefore an expense I can avoid, to a far move into the countryside where I can sip my coffee quietly on the patio until I realize I have three kids and the idea of quiet is actually hysterical. I know, I laughed too as I was writing this but a girl can dream right? So ultimately, I had decided to stop decorating this space because who knows what happens next right? Well, that is a horrible mindset. Truth is, as of today, I live here. Where I will be tomorrow is tomorrow's problem. So in the meantime, I will continue to decorate my home (because home is what we make of it) until it is time for me and my littles to move onto the next chapter. So I have decided to create this series to share with you, my temporary updates, my budget decor, and even a few attempts at DIY, though I have accepted that I am not the greatest at it with the exception of painting as well as inspiration for the next phase, whenever that phase comes. Welcome to Stylishly Living: A Series.