Dressing Up Denim

Yo! The feedback on my first post was amazing on another level. But being the fashion girl that I am, I had to respond to those asking about the 'fit. Well, I live for a good pair of jeans and found some favorites anywhere from Loft to Target, but my newest obsession is one that I cannot buy multiples of. It was a $4 thrift store find for some brand called Blue Spice. Safe to say, it is not designer and I had no clue where to buy it until I when down the world wide web rabbithole.

But truth be told, does the brand make it anyway? Sometimes, yes but in this case...nah. The fit alone is enough for me to want to put a ring on it. No one holds me like this anyway. *shrug* I've found myself wearing this one pair a million times, so much that my other pairs are getting jealous. Oh well. Hold my ass up better and then we can talk. 

How about you? What's your favorite part of jeans? 

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