The One Beauty Buy I Don't

As a freelance makeup artist, when I work for brands in store, I am expected to pull off the high end, all black look with the perfectly finished full face of makeup. But here is the kicker, I hate foundation. 

When I started working in the beauty industry, I never found a shade that was right for me. I worked for a luxury line (Chanel, because that trash stunt deserves a call out) that eventually discontinued it's darker shades because as I was told by their resident artist and account executive, "those people" don't buy. All trash. Hence, why I no longer nor would ever work for that brand again. Phew, let's move on before my blood pressure rises and this post turns into one where I just start spilling tea. Anyway, I was also younger then with great skin and I never felt the need to wear it. Fast forward a few years, the hormonal changes of those many years of pregnancy, nursing, trying to balance back only to start the process over, had left my skin uneven, with occasional acne, and actually needing a foundation for that flawless finish. Despite finally finding awesome brands with a wide range of shades with the right undertones (hey NARS, hey Laura, what's good Bobbi?), I still wasn't feeling it for every day. So I stepped up my skincare game and go essentially commando on the regular. Easy does it, get your mind right.  Here are my top recommendations for skin that doesn't need foundation if you're into that sort of thing. 

AriRose Body Butter in Ylang Ylang as my face moisturizer. Let me give this it's praising because it is a body cream but where there is skin, I slather. It gives me a glow and smoothes out my skin. This all-natural, homemade goodness is by a mom of three who makes these bomb products from home. Speaking of home, let me add that she is Chicago born and bred and for those who really know me, I'm Chicago over everything. 

Neutrogena Clear SPF 30, because aging is no joke. Some of you love to go out into the sun and get nice and bronzed but let me be honest, you are going to wake up one day looking like a doggone football. Keep messing around in this sun without protection and end up looking like pigskin. I make jokes but it isn't funny when I am working on a client that I am sure is near 40 and she is in her 20s. Stop playing you guys. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer, anywhere the sun would kiss. That means my forehead, cheekbones, nose and then when I am done, I lose all sense of control and dust that brush all over because I don't know how to act. Don't use that last part as a tip. It is not. Don't be me. 

Listen, I may have 16 years of experience and was given (not self-proclaimed) the title of expert but anyone with any sense knows that you are always learning so I want to know what you guys use in the comments. Let's talk about this. *pulls up chair*


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