Why I Thrift?

I had always been a thrifter. My greatest find was a mink coat for $25 and most recently a genuine leather skirt for $3*. To say I'm a great deal finder is an understatement. Give me my props, they are well deserved. But while I still buy new, little by little thrifting has become more the norm these days, just like the girl I was back in college. Here are my top three reasons for why I thrift.


Not so recently, I've joined the single mom club and so when reevaluating my spending habits, I knew my wardrobe budget needed adjusting. I've never been a big spender. In fact, digging for deals is more than about my budget, it is the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure I get when I find something special. Those that know me on a personal level know that when I get compliments on an outfit the first thing I do is brag about how much I didn't spend. 

Environmental Reasons

Motherhood has changed the way I view the world and the way I want to leave it for my family. I'm still learning about cleaner living and admit, I have a lot to still learn and implement. Ultimately, buying pre-loved is my own little way of contributing to the cause. 

Pushes Creativity

With all my life changes over the past few years, I reached a burn out phase where I didn't feel as creative. In fact, I've been told in the past that the way I dressed then didn't reflect my personality. I am more style driven versus fashion focused in my wardrobe and now my home as well. New look, who dis right? 

Check out the rest of this look that would be perfect for a girl's night out. The skirt is consigned at $11 (original price $70), the top a $2 find (original market price $30) and the shoes from the Target clearance rack for just $13, my other love but that's for another time. 




2018-08-14 15.23.27.jpg
2018-08-14 15.32.56.jpg