Hola September

Hola September

September use to be my favorite month. There were so many things to celebrate as well as the start of fall, my favorite season, and of course, New York Fashion Week. I guess, it so many ways, it still is my favorite. 

I have been unable to attend the last four seasons which in fashion week years basically means I'm out the game. Truth is, some bloggers just go to stunt, I'm not mad at that at all because stunt they shall and their insta feeds are here to provide life and others go because their business calls for it, projects galore honey. I'm here for it. 

So here is the kicker, while my inbox is filled with amazing press releases and images from the super dope shows I have missed out on this season, I'm super sad about the street style that was skipped. I subscribe hard to the trickle up theory and the streets are where the magic happens. So I've been scrolling my insta for inspiration as well as looking to these press releases. Eek, I know that changes the industry entirely but that's the flow and we have to move with it. 

So tell me do you watch the shows online, check out street style, where do you get your style inspiration from this season? 


Image: ELIE MADI StyleFW SS19 - Photographer Mark Gunter