Dinner For Everyone

Totally back! I know, there has been a lot of changes and I’m back to running my mouth on a regular basis. There is so much I need to share and don’t know where to start so, I’ll start here…

Single motherhood has made me very savvy. I’ve figured out creative ways to not only save time but money as well. One of those areas have been in the kitchen.

My girlfriends and I have been on the meal planning and prepping bandwagon for a while. It have saved me hours in the kitchen and a lot of money from not wasting food. But now things just got even easier because not only is Peapod making it super convenient by dropping my groceries off at my doorstep but they are meal prepping for me. SCORE!

Mark Bittman, the famed American food journalist, just launched, Dinner for Everyone: 100 Iconic Dishes Made Three Ways, which offers amazing recipes that can be made vegan, easy or all out for those special occasions in which you are playing host. The book itself is beautiful, so much so, I had to display it in my new kitchen. No, I did not remodel, I moved. More on that later. In celebration of this launch, Peapod has created meal kits based off of one of his recipes. The recipe? Fast Pho. Yeah, I never heard of it either (oh you have? Whatever, this is my story anyway). I can be a picky eater but lately have been more adventurous. My children, not so much. So I decided to try this as a date night dish instead. Yup, I said date night. Nope, there are no details. Mind your manners. Anyway, the kits come with a copy of the recipe, and all the ingredients already measured for you. You cannot mess this up. Well, I guess you can but then that sounds like a personal issue.

This was not a dish I may have tried myself, it has black tea and nutmeg in the broth (remember, picky) but it looked amazing and had a lot of ingredients that I loved (hello, green onions and sprouts). After everything was said and done, I had two bowls. Which means, I need to try every recipe in the book because yum.

Okay, so one would think, "Isn’t the delivery charge cutting into the budget though?” Nah. Gas prices and my airheaded behind running back to the store because I forgot something is. Not to mention packing up three kids into the car and dragging them around a grocery store is equivalent to an extreme sport. Their delivery fee is only $6.95-$9.95, there’s a subscription that offers unlimited free delivery. But guess what? I have a hook up for you, $20 off your order of $75 and 60 days of free delivery using code YANIRA20. Don’t say I never gave you anything. ;)

Special thanks to my friends at Peapod for not only providing the meal kit and the awesome book. I’ll consider it a house warming gift. Read more about my disclaimer here.