Last Days of Summer

I’m not sad about it. Nothing is more amazing than oversized sweaters, tall mugs filled with cafe con leche, leopard booties and leather leggings, also known as my fall mom uniform. But I’m sad to say goodbye to summer dresses and one of the best summers thus far.

This summer I learned so much, about myself, likes and dislikes. For a woman who shares almost everything on social media, I kept my personal life just that. Personal. I learned to disconnect, to put my phone away during outings, to be in the moment. I tried blueberry coffee, helped plants survive, and I laughed a lot. A lot. Is it normal to have back pains from laughter? That isn’t normal right? I use to cover my mouth when I laughed because I was told I was too loud. I’d hush my moments of joy for someone else’s comfort. But those days are long gone and my joy has creeped back in. So I just wanted to take a moment to tell those I love, thank you for this summer. For letting my laughter roll through the aisles at Walmart because even adults can goof off in the toy section, in the movie theater because even non-comedic movies deserve a roaring laugh, under a full moon at 2am when you’re slap happy and thinking like you can talk about life like you’re Aristotle, for the moments when I’ve laughed so hard, I drooled. Yes, it was that serious. Thank you for all of it. Thank you summer, for uncovering my mouth. See you next year.

dress: thrifted | shoes: Dolce Vita (similar here and here)

Sept 2018-1.jpg
September 2018-3.jpg
September 2018-2.jpg