Welcome to My Journey

I use to blog. My blog focused a lot on my life as a mom while working freelance in the beauty and fashion industry. I deleted that blog and with it over nine years of content and amazing brand partnerships. I know, I know it seems foolish but I wanted to delete the name associated with that blog, my married name.

Here we are, a whole new life, a whole new blog, and a whole new name...actually my old one, my maiden name. Garcia. I had at one point written all the petty and disgusting details of my divorce and I named all the names for the purpose of this blog. I wanted the world to know the truth, to know all that I had lived over the years and the hell I was being dragged through. I felt the world needed to know why I went silent for so long, and I felt our friends and family deserved to hear the parts he was omitting because the truth made him look exactly like who he is. But that is the thing with taking time to grieve and heal, and remembering that responding graciously says more about you than the other person. I'll save those details, ultimately this is no longer my monkey and not my circus. Sure, there will be references to my past because what I have gone through and am going through has shaped who I am and where I am going next and I want to share that journey. Some parts are scary and brutally honest but a lot of it, looking back is actually quite funny.  Even in times when I have broken down out of frustration, I've done a lot of it with love and laughter and a whole amazing tribe of badass moms, friends, family, and even lessons from the terrible dating scene. Yes, I attempted it. Netflix is better. Chile' I have stories but that is for a later post. At the end of the day, this is me going back to my roots, finding my path again after a short attempt at being a stay at home mom, now being a working single mom, ballin' on a serious budget while keeping my balance in my 4" heels.  This blog is about life after, because divorce even changes how you dress (apparently I can't wear yoga pants on a date and that is some serious bullshit), and you learn how to glam up with three kids sitting in the bathroom watching you as I've mastered the art of the one handed contour. My life these days is pretty crazy, beautiful, and downright hilarious. This blog is about me, just Yanira. Welcome.